43 Most Powerful Competitors to Amazon CodeWhisperer (Free Options)

Looking for the top competitor to Amazon CodeWhisperer? Discover the cutting-edge AI Copilots and their incredible potential to revolutionize your coding journey. Dive into this blog to explore their features, benefits, and how they stand out from the crowd. Get ready to master coding with the perfect companion by your side - AI Copilots are here to take your coding experience to the next level. 

What Is Amazon Codewhisperer & Its Key Capabilities

In the realm of AI-powered coding assistants, Amazon CodeWhisperer is making waves with its impressive capabilities and intelligent suggestions designed to boost developer productivity. It's important to understand the alternatives and top competitors to Amazon CodeWhisperer in a highly competitive environment such as this.

Exploring Tabnine: AI-Powered Code Completion

Tabnine is one such competitor. It is a popular AI-powered code completion tool that developers can use to increase their productivity by automatically completing code snippets in real time. Tabnine has been around for a few years and has built a strong user base, particularly among developers who use various programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java, and C++. 

DeepCode: AI Analysis for Code Quality Improvement

DeepCode is another prominent player in this space. It uses AI to analyze and provide suggestions for your code, focusing on discovering bugs, detecting vulnerabilities, and improving the quality of your code. This tool is particularly useful for larger codebases and projects with extensive lines of code.

Enhancing Coding Efficiency with Kite's Autocomplete Feature

Kite is a machine learning-powered developer tool that enhances the coding experience by providing a personalized autocomplete feature. Kite works with all major code editors, including PyCharm, VS Code, Vim, and Atom. It offers intelligent completions for various programming languages and APIs.

These are just a few examples of top competitors in the AI-powered coding assistant domain. Each of these tools has its unique features and benefits, making them formidable alternatives to Amazon CodeWhisperer. As developers seek to enhance their coding efficiency and quality, exploring these alternatives can offer new insights and opportunities for improved project productivity.

4 Potential Downsides of Amazon Codewhisperer

1. Capabilities

Amazon CodeWhisperer provides single- and multi-line autocomplete suggestions, which match the capabilities provided by Tabnine and GitHub Copilot. Both Codeium and Replit Ghostwriter provide additional functionalities on top of autocomplete: Codeium also has free Chat, while Replit Ghostwriter has chat as part of its paid plan.

2. Languages

Amazon CodeWhisperer has a much more limited set of languages than the other products.

3. IDEs

Amazon CodeWhisperer is only available on VSCode, JetBrains, and select AWS IDEs. This is an incredibly limited set, missing Vim, Neovim, Emacs, Web notebooks + IDEs, and more.

4. Enterprise plan

Amazon CodeWhisperer’s enterprise plan is a seat management tool, like GitHub Copilot. It does not provide self-hosting and other data security guarantees such as what you get from Codeium for Enterprises and Tabnine’s Enterprise plan.

Overall, Amazon CodeWhisperer is not the clear leader in any axis of functionality, price, and availability.

Omnipilot’s MacOS AI Copilot

Imagine an AI that can type anywhere on macOS, with the full context of what's on your screen. Imagine if, your email wrote itself, your terminal was fluent in Bash, your team updates became effortless. You don’t have to imagine any of this anymore. You can download Omnipilot’s MacOS AI Copilot for free and use AI anywhere on MacOS! 

Try our free AI copilot today — just head to and enter your email, and you’ll be able to download our MacOS app in seconds! Let Omnipilot make your life easier.

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43 Top Amazon CodeWhisper Competitor Options 

1. Omnipilot

Imagine an AI that can type anywhere on macOS, with full context of what's on your screen. Imagine if, your email wrote itself, your terminal was fluent in Bash, your team updates became effortless. You don’t have to imagine any of this anymore. You can download Omnipilot’s MacOS AI Copilot for free and use AI anywhere on MacOS!

Try our free AI copilot today — just head to and enter your email, and you can download our MacOS app in seconds! Let Omnipilot make your life easier.

2. Sourcegraph Cody

Cody is an AI coding assistant that uses a deep understanding of your codebase to help you understand, write, and fix code faster. It is powered by Sourcegraph’s code graph and knows your entire codebase to provide context-aware explanations and suggestions inside your IDE. 

3. Tabnine

Intelligent code completion is not new. Neither Github nor Amazon discovered the proverbial wheel of software development AI assistants. Quite a few solutions existed before CodeWhisperer and Copilot were announced. One of these veteran AI assistants is Tabnine – yup, that’s us. Tabnine is a code completion tool that supports all the most popular languages, libraries, and frameworks in your favorite IDEs. Our AI models are only trained on permissive open-source licensed code, so you can rest assured that your code is not going anywhere.

Tabnine Pro subscription lets you train your own private AI model based on your code and get personalized code completions that match your style and patterns. Keeping all your code on your local corporate is not the only benefit of training your own junior AI pair programmer. Hosting and training your own AI models for organizations and teams enables collaborative autocompletion across IDEs.

4. Github Copilot

GitHub Copilot uses the OpenAI Codex to suggest code and whole functions for popular code editors like Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains IDEs. In terms of languages, Copilot offers support for languages like Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go. Copilot’s somewhat bumpy launch into the world brought positive competition like CodeWhisperer and more attention to the abilities of proven software development AI solutions.

5. Captin Stack

Amazon CodeWhisperer draws more from Captain Stack than Copilot, even though Github’s service inspired Captain Stack. Captain Stack is a code suggestion tool that uses Google instead of AI. It sends your search query to Google, retrieves StackOverflow and Github Gist answers, and auto-completes them. Available for VSCode alone, Captain Stack is more of a shortcut to Google in your IDE than an intelligent code completion tool.

6. GPT-Code-Clippy (GPT-CC)

Another open-source plugin for VSCode that Copilot inspired is GTP-Code-Clippy. GPT-Code-Clippy (GPT-CC) aims to be an open-source version of GitHub Copilot, a language model (based on GPT-3, called GPT-Codex) fine-tuned on publicly available code from GitHub.

7. Second Mate

Just a second, mate! Let me wait for the code suggestions to load. Second Mate is another open-source AI code completion plugin. It uses EleutherAI GPT-Neo-2.7B (via Huggingface Model Hub) for Emacs. It is a much smaller model, so it will likely not be as effective as CodeWhisperer, Tabnine, or other alternatives.

8. Ask Codi

An AI code assistant for developers. Ask Codi to help and speed up your development process. Generate code, document code, test coder, understand code or use niche applications like Google Apps Scripts, data analysis, and many more!

9. Pieces for Developers

An intelligent coding assistant that streamlines individual developer workflows and boosts team productivity through AI-enabled features such as: 

Context-Aware Intelligence: Every interaction you have throughout our code snippet management desktop application or connected integrations continuously re-grounds your personal AI engine, tailoring its responses to your unique requirements. You can also set specific contexts for each conversation, including personal repositories, code snippets, website URLs and videos, for hyper-relevant results based on your unique project.

10. Codeium

Codeium is a free AI-powered code acceleration toolkit. Currently, Codeium provides AI-generated autocomplete in over 70 programming languages (including Python, JS, TS, Java, Go, C/C++, etc) and 40+ IDEs (VSCode, JetBrains, Jupyter notebooks, Colab, Vim / Neovim, etc). With rapid multiline code suggestions generated by Codeium, you can eliminate the time spent searching for APIs and documentation, writing boilerplate and unit tests, and other repetitive or frustrating tasks. Trained on billions of lines of public code, Codeium accelerates your development and helps you stay in the flow state, letting you be the best coder possible.

11. K.Explorer

A state-of-the-art AI that builds better software, cheaper and faster. K.Explorer is an AI-powered Code Assistant trained on many millions of private corporate lines of code, for specific domains, and on billions of public and open-source lines of code for general purposes. 

Its code auto-completion features suggest code completions and entire function bodies as you type or as you search the engine for help. To make development faster and more agile it even supports Natural Language for programmers to get guidance while telling a text story about the code they want to write.

12. CodiumAI

CodiumAI analyzes your code and generates meaningful tests to catch bugs before you ship. CodiumAI maps your code’s behaviors, surfaces edge cases, and tags anything that looks suspicious. Then, it generates clear and meaningful unit tests that match how your code behaves. Get full visibility of how your code behaves, and how the changes you make affect the rest of your code. 

Code coverage is broken. Meaningful tests check functionality, giving you the confidence needed to commit. Spend fewer hours writing questionable test cases, and more time developing useful features for your users. By analyzing your code, docstring, and comments, CodiumAI suggests tests as you type. All you have to do is add them to your suite. CodiumAI is focused on code integrity: generating tests that help you understand how your code behaves; finding edge cases and suspicious behaviors; and making your code more robust.

13. BlackboxAI

BLACKBOX.AI is a Coding LLM designed to transform the way we build software. By building BLACKBOX.AI, our goal is to: - Accelerate the pace of innovation within companies by making engineers 10X faster in building and releasing products - Accelerate the growth in software engineers around the world, and 10X the number of engineers from ~100M to 1B Capabilities: 

1. Natural Language to Code 

2. Real-Time Knowledge 

3. Code Completion 


5. Code Commenting 

6. Commit Message Generation 

7. Chat with your Code Files BLACKBOX is built to answer coding questions and assist you write code faster. 

Whether you are fixing a bug, building a new feature or refactoring your code, ask BLACKBOX to help. BLACKBOX has real-time knowledge of the world, making it able to answer questions about recent events, technological breakthroughs, product releases, API documentation & more BLACKBOX integrates directly with VSCode to suggest the next lines of code automatically.

14. Code Llama

Code Llama is a large language model (LLM) that can generate code using text prompts. It is state-of-the-art for publicly available LLMs on code tasks and has the potential to make workflows faster and more efficient for current developers and lower the barrier to entry for people who are learning to code. Code Llama has the potential to be used as a productivity and educational tool to help programmers write more robust, well-documented software. 

Code Llama is a state-of-the-art LLM capable of generating code, and natural language about code, from both code and natural language prompts. Code Llama is free for research and commercial use. Code Llama is built on top of Llama 2 and is available in three models: Code Llama, the foundational code model; Codel Llama - Python specialized for Python; and Code Llama - Instruct, which is fine-tuned for understanding natural language instructions.

15. CodeAI

Our cutting-edge AI is the secret weapon you need, to optimize your development process whether you're writing your first line of code or architecting enterprise-level systems. Become a coding maestro - let CodeAI transform your 'what ifs' into 'what is.' CodeAI is the ultimate sidekick for pioneers who write the future in code. While traditional tools lag behind, CodeAI is the relentless powerhouse that amplifies your programming prowess. 

CodeAI arm you with the power of artificial intelligence, transforming your thoughts into beautifully written code. It's not just about speed; it's about crafting code that tells a story, a story of innovation. Your code deserves the best test coverage, and CodeAI delivers. With automated unit test generation, you ensure your code's integrity while saving time for what really matters—creating game-changing applications.

16. ExoCoding

ExoCoding is an online platform for code generation that empowers software developers to build better software faster. It uses model-based AI-powered assistants to generate boilerplate code and streamline repetitive tasks. Developers can create apps containing modules for Database Management, Logic Building, and Interface Design. 

There are also more features like sharing prototypes, task planning, and a marketplace with pre-built templates that enhance the developer’s experience. After generating code (backend and frontend), everything is business as usual with the same IDE and other dev tools, but with much work already accomplished.

17. Codey

Codey accelerates software development with real-time code completion and generation, customizable to a customer’s own codebase. This code generation model supports 20+ coding languages, including Go, Google Standard SQL, Java, Javascript, Python, and Typescript. It enables a wide variety of coding tasks, helping developers to work faster and close skills gaps through: 

  • Code completion: Codey suggests the next few lines based on the context of the code entered into the prompt. 
  • Code generation: Codey generates code based on natural language prompts from a developer. 
  • Code chat: Codey lets developers converse with a bot to get help with debugging, documentation, learning new concepts, and other code-related questions.

18. CodePal

CodePal is your ultimate coding companion. It is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of coding helpers and tools to assist developers. It is great for students, beginners, experienced developers, and companies who want to improve their development process. The free plan includes access to all the tools and helpers but with some limitations. It's a great option for hobbyists who want to try out CodePal. AI Code generators can do a variety of tasks, such as programming, applying transformations and manipulations on the code, and many other tasks. 

AI Code Generators are very useful for learning, as they can give a good grasp of how the task at hand should be written in code. Code generation can be used with many different programming languages, including Java, C#, Python, and TypeScript, among others. The choice of programming language will often depend on the specific needs of the project and the availability of code-generation tools and frameworks for that language.

19. Lightly

Develop your apps efficiently with Lightly, a Multilingual cloud IDE. With AI-generated code and collaborative development features, you can create high-quality code in no time. Lightly is a powerful cloud IDE that supports multiple programming languages, including Java, Python, C++, HTML, and JavaScript. Write, run, and debug code on your iPad, anywhere, anytime. The AI-generated code feature helps you generate code quickly. 

Collaborative development enables easy team collaboration in real-time. Lightly can deploy and host your projects without managing infrastructures. We'll provide project images to efficiently help you deploy on AWS, Azure, GCP, or any other cloud provider. You focus on your creativity and ideas, and let the AI programming assistant do the rest for you!

20. Refraction

Refraction is a code-generation tool for developers. It uses AI to generate code for you. You can generate unit tests, documentation, refactor code, and more. Generate code using AI in 34 languages:

  • Assembly
  • C#
  • C++
  • CoffeeScript
  • CSS
  • Dart
  • Elixir
  • Erlang
  • Go
  • GraphQL
  • Groovy
  • Haskell
  • HTML
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Kotlin
  • LaTeX
  • Less
  • Lua
  • MatLab
  • Objective-C
  • OCaml
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • R Lang
  • Ruby
  • Rust
  • Sass / SCSS
  • Scala
  • Shell
  • SQL
  • Swift
  • TypeScript

Join thousands of developers around the world using Refraction to generate documentation, create unit tests, refactor code, and more using AI. Use the power of AI to automate the tedious parts of software development like testing, documentation, and refactoring, so you can focus on what matters. Refactor, optimize, fix and style-check your code. Generate unit tests for your code with various test frameworks. Explain the purpose of your code to make it easier to understand.

21. StableCode

StableCode offers a unique way for developers to become more efficient by using three different models to help in their coding. The base model was first trained on a diverse set of programming languages from the stack dataset (v1.2) from BigCode and then trained further with popular languages like Python, Go, Java, Javascript, C, markdown and C++. In total, we trained our models on 560B tokens of code on our HPC cluster. 

After the base model had been established, the instruction model was then tuned for specific use cases to help solve complex programming tasks. ~120,000 code instruction/response pairs in Alpaca format were trained on the base model to achieve this result. StableCode is the ideal building block for those wanting to learn more about coding, and the long-context window model is the perfect assistant to ensure single and multiple-line autocomplete suggestions are available for the user. This model is built to handle a lot more code at once.

22. BotCity

UI automation for desktop, web, and legacy systems, document readers, crawlers, and much more. Develop, deploy, scale, and manage in a single platform. Meet our coding assistant. Pure code + computer vision. Working side by side with the developer's IDE, you just interact with the UI elements of any platform, and your automation code is automatically generated. Create UI and robotic process automation on the web and desktop by clicking on the UI. No reverse-engineering to get component IDs or XPath. 

Unleash the power of computer vision to your favorite IDE and build your automation easier and faster. Build automation using computer vision for desktop, web, and legacy systems. Accelerate your development by leveraging plugins to integrate with AWS, Google, Microsoft Office, and more. Create PDF templates for parsing in minutes. Use our anchoring system to create templates for easy parsing of any PDF document.

23. MutableAI

Build fast with production quality using AI. Create high-quality code effortlessly. Prototype with AI Autocomplete. Transform to production quality code with AI. Minimize time filling in boilerplate and on Stack Overflow with our specialized neural networks. Refactor, document, and add types. Give instructions to the AI directly to modify your code. Hate writing tests? We have you covered. Automatically generate unit tests with AI and metaprogramming. 

We believe the future of software development is AI-accelerated. Our long-term mission is to enable programmers to move at the speed of thought. We also believe recent advances in AI will unlock new ways of programming beyond the pre-AI-accelerated stack that won't look like a traditional IDE or version control system.

24. DuetAI

Duet AI for developers focuses on challenges and tasks across the development lifecycle: Code/Boilerplate Generation — Developers can describe the tasks they have in mind as a comment or function name, such as creating a Cloud Pub/Sub topic. Duet AI will generate a reference implementation that can be reviewed and modified, so developers don’t need to spend time reading through multiple documentation pages. 

Inline Code Completion — To reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and minimize the cognitive workload of tasks such as writing repetitive code or retrieving variable names, Duet AI provides intelligent, context-aware code completion, helping reduce the time spent on coding and enhancing the quality of the written code. Enterprise Customization — Organizations frequently have massive code bases and specific recommended frameworks and best practices, which generic code assistance solutions may not be best positioned to support.

25. CoseWhizz

The AI-Powered Python and JavaScript Generator/Debugger/Tutor. Become a pro-coder in seconds. Generate pro-level code in an instant. Type what you need, run the program, and boom! The Whizzy AI model will compute your request and generate your code in an editable code window, so you can touch it up and personalize it you need. 

Don't hassle with clunky and slow IDEs. The integrated CodeEngine will run your Python code and generate outputs and plots seamlessly. The ScriptRepo allows you to save your favorite creations with ease. We'll keep them secure so you can come back to them anytime. Limited availability. Request access now and secure your own personalized AI-powered Python Code generation tool.

26. IBM Watsonx Code Assistant

Enable hybrid cloud developers of all experience levels to write code with AI-generated recommendations. What if you could translate plain English to code? IBM Watsonx Code Assistant allows you to do just that. Powered by IBM foundation models (FM), IBM watsonx Code Assistant makes it easier for anyone to write code with AI-generated recommendations, bringing the power of IT automation to your entire organization as a strategic, accessible asset for more users—not just the subject-matter experts. 

This means automatically suggesting code for developers based on natural language inputs. IBM watsonx Code Assistant is infused with FMs that are purpose-built, created with deployment efficiency in mind, and which enable organizations to customize the models, while also applying enterprise standards and best practices.

27. Second

Use developer bots to jumpstart your web application development without hiring a front-end engineer. Developer bots use modern frameworks and libraries and write clean source code. The engineers you eventually hire can continue building upon your codebase alongside a Second bot. Connect a developer bot to an existing project, or create a new one, and see a significant boost in product development. 

Developer bots write code and raise pull requests that your engineers can review before merging. Increase your revenue by delivering more web applications for your clients. Use developer bots to build 80-90% of the application, and use your engineers on staff to finish the rest. Deliver a modern, scalable, and performant codebase to your customers. Second bots deliver features as source code so you can modify those features as you see fit.

28. Vivid

Vivid lets your Figma define auto-updating, modular code your developers can use. Build your UI's source of truth in Figma without changing your workflow. Vivid uses your existing components to create modular code synced with your Figma. Let designers take over UI while developers own functionality. Promote your designs to production. Vivid is an in-browser styling editor that makes building frontends blazingly fast. 

With Vivid, you can simply click on an on-screen component to pull up its code in the browser. Any edits to that code are automatically synced with your source code. The biggest benefit of having an organized template is that you know what’s going on when you look at it. Closely linked to consistency, customization is also effortless in an organized codebase. For components, like buttons or sections, things can be changed at the React level.

29. SourceAI

Open to all (even for non-developers), straightforward and simple to use, clear and intuitive interface. Save time in development, generate your code in one click and use your time more efficiently. Powered by GPT-3 and Codex, the most advanced AI technology, and next-generation development. Sometimes SourceAI will have trouble understanding what you want, so you'll have to explain it in more detail. 

At SourceAI, we are a close-knit team of empathetic and optimistic developers who care deeply about accelerating human progress by making programming accessible to all. Our mission is to allow everyone to create valuable customized software. We build a self-contained system that can generate software at the level of the world's most skilled engineers. We have developed a stand-alone system based on the GPT-3 language model. SourceAI is a tool that can generate code for you in any language from a plain text description.

30. Project IDX

Project IDX is an experimental new initiative to bring your entire full-stack, multiplatform app development workflow to the cloud. It starts with a web-based workspace that'll feel familiar for coding but fresh. And we're just at the beginning of this journey. We'd love your input as we work to improve application development. Project IDX gets you into your dev workflow in no time, backed by the security and scalability of Google Cloud. 

Go from opening your browser to developing an application in seconds, not days, from anywhere and on any machine. Project IDX makes it easier to start building an app that works across multiple platforms using a variety of templates for popular frameworks, such as Angular, Next.js, React, Svelte, and Flutter, with Python and Go support coming soon. You can also import your existing applications from GitHub, with support for most tech stacks.

31. MightyMeld

Accelerate your React development with visual, intuitive superpowers. Drag, drop, click, and prompt your UI into place. While generating code it looks like you wrote it. Load your app, click anywhere, and use intuitive controls to update your Tailwind styling. Syncs with your code on disk in real-time as you work. The difference is so clean, that you could’ve sworn you wrote it yourself. Let the AI update your Tailwind styles for you, so you can spend more time on what matters most. 

Drag and drop premade, customizable building blocks to scaffold your UI with ease. Works with MUI, Chakra, and other component-based libraries. MightyMeld is a visualization and creation platform for complex React apps. MightyMeld’s architecture has proven to be robust and flexible. We are continually exploring new possibilities, such as enhanced support for design tokens, richer canvas interactions, and more powerful controls in the property panel.

32. CodeGeeX

We introduce CodeGeeX, a large-scale multilingual code generation model with 13 billion parameters, pre-trained on a large code corpus of more than 20 programming languages. Based on CodeGeeX, we develop a VS Code extension (search 'CodeGeeX' in the Extension Marketplace) that assists the programming of different programming languages. Besides the multilingual code generation/translation abilities, we turn CodeGeeX into a custom programming assistant using its few-shot ability. 

It means that when a few examples are provided as extra prompts in the input, CodeGeeX will imitate what is done by these examples and generate codes accordingly. Some cool features can be implemented using this ability, like code explanation, summarization, generation with specific coding styles, and more. For example, one can add code snippets with his/her own coding style, and CodeGeeX will similarly generate codes. You can also try prompts with specific formats to inspire CodeGeeX for new skills.

33. CodeSandbox

CodeSandbox is a cloud development platform that empowers development teams to code, collaborate, and ship projects of any size from any device in record time. Run your code in powerful microVMs and build anything without limits. We configure your environment for you and keep your code always ready, behind a URL. Boxy, the CodeSandbox AI coding assistant, is now available to all Pro subscribers.

34. Kropply

Kropply is set to become an indispensable companion for developers worldwide. We have created a terminal designed exclusively for VSCode, integrating AI-driven error-solving capabilities. Kropply generates code, provides action points and explains errors whenever you have a runtime or package error. Whether you're a senior developer or just learning to code Kropply will help you reduce your debugging time and be more efficient while you code!

35. CodeWP

Save all of your generations. Export them in JSON format, ready for popular code snippet plugins, functions.php, your theme, or other implementations. Share publically or with specific users. Goodbye, tedious testing, broken websites, or StackOverflow. If you're not a developer, consider CodeWP a helpful mentor. If you are, get ready to maximize your efficiency. We trained CodeWP on WordPress and WooCommerce PHP, JS, and jQuery. 

Soon, we'll support popular plugins like Elementor, Learndash, and The Events Calendar (to name a few). And, it's constantly learning and giving you better generations. This is not a plugin - we are a plugin-agnostic service, meaning you can use CodeWP generations with any free/paid code snippet plugin, theme, or WordPress installation.

36. DevGPT

Elevate your development game. with DevGPT We handle the routine coding, you focus on more complex and fulfilling tasks, by turning tasks to code. Click below and start transforming your coding experience in just 40 seconds. Generate custom code trained on your own repository and sync effortlessly. A new level of personalized automation in coding. Our AI model generates code in an average of 40 seconds, allowing for rapid prototyping and quicker go-to-market times. 

Achieve more with fewer resources. DevGPT ensures your code meets the highest quality standards with automatically generated unit tests and AI-powered debugging. Reduce errors and elevate your end product. Code smarter, not harder. DevGPT understands your code base to deliver precise, ready-to-deploy solutions. Say goodbye to the stress of disorganization and hello to a more focused, efficient, and successful you

37. DevPromptAI

Seamlessly generate and update your code with intelligent suggestions and recommendations using OpenAI. Identify and fix bugs in your code more efficiently with AI-powered debugging assistance. Get clear explanations and documentation for complex code snippets and algorithms. Craft compelling technical documentation, meeting notes, and blog posts with precision and clarity. 

DevPromptAi is free to use. You must have a working OpenAI API key to use the app. When you use the OpenAI API key, you pay directly to OpenAI for the amount of credits/tokens you use. Your API is safe and stored encrypted locally on your device in the browser's local storage. Requests to Open AI's API are sent directly from your browser window. DevPromptAi only stores your API key locally and never sends your API key anywhere.

38. Bito

Bito's AI helps developers dramatically accelerate their impact. It's a Swiss Army knife of capabilities that can 10x your developer productivity and save you an hour a day, using the same models as ChatGPT! Bito AI makes it easy to write code, understand syntax, write test cases, explain code, comment on code, check security, and even explain high-level concepts. 

Trained on billions of lines of code and millions of documents, it's pretty incredible what we can help you do without having to search the web or waste time on tedious stuff. We believe that the future of innovation lies in the hands of talented dev teams that bring concepts and ideas to life. From handling huge data sets to flying cars to web3, dev teams will be the master masons behind intelligent software that powers mankind’s greatest inventions.

39. StudioBot

Studio Bot is your coding companion for Android development. It's a conversational experience in Android Studio that helps you be more productive by answering Android development queries. It's powered by artificial intelligence and can understand natural language, so you can ask development questions in plain English. Studio Bot can help Android developers generate code, find relevant resources, learn best practices, and save time. 

Studio Bot is still an early experiment, and might sometimes provide inaccurate, misleading or false information while presenting it confidently. Studio Bot might give you working code that doesn't produce the expected output, or provide you with code that is not optimal or incomplete. Always double-check Studio Bot's responses and carefully test and review code for errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities before relying on it. Studio Bot's new capabilities can help you by offering new ways to write code, create test cases, or update APIs.

40. AnyCode AI

The only auto-pilot agent that works with your unique software development workflow. Anycode AI converts your Legacy codebase to modern tech stacks up to 8X faster. Boost your coding speed tenfold with Anycode AI. Utilize AI for rapid, compliant coding and testing. Modernize swiftly with Anycode AI. Effortlessly handle legacy code and embrace updates for efficient applications. Upgrade seamlessly from outdated systems. Our platform refines old logic for a smooth transition to advanced tech.

41. DevKit

The Essential AI Assistant for Developers. DevGPT combines ChatGPT and our 30+ mini-dev tools to help you test public APIs, query databases, generate code and interactive art, and a lot more in just seconds to help you save 10s of hours every week! Build features swiftly and test them in isolation and then bring them into your codebase with confidence. 

Awaken the creative coder in you by experimenting with our code generation and p5.js tools to create cool art and mini-games. While we have an amazing free community of 250+ developers on Discord, we have an even more amazing exclusive sub-community for our Pro users. All your favorite tools in one place. No need to manage multiple apps, websites, and CLI tools. Reduce context-switching and boost your productivity.

42. Zentask

Simplify your daily Tasks with AI Assistance. Experience a new level of productivity with easy-to-use AI tools designed for professionals in various fields. Explore a wide range of AI-driven solutions tailored for different industries and roles. Make your work life easier and more efficient. Overcome writer’s block, generate fresh ideas, and create engaging content with the help of AI. Meet deadlines effortlessly and confidently. Use AI to create attention-grabbing campaigns, write persuasive ad copy, and optimize your content for maximum impact. 

Develop innovative ideas, write compelling scripts, and craft engaging ads that attract more customers and increase your return on investment. Speed up your work with AI-generated code snippets, error debugging, and workflow enhancements. Spend more time on innovation and less on tedious tasks. Enhance your creativity with AI-generated ideas for brainstorming, designing, and storytelling. Transform your creative journey with AI.

43. Treblle

A lightweight SDK for accelerated REST-based API development, see metadata for every API request with real-time API traffic monitoring, get powerful analytics and API governance features alongside API automated docs, and automated API security audits for every request. Simplify workflows, and enhance security with support for 18+ languages and frameworks for seamless integration. Empower your teams to build, ship, and maintain APIs faster.

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Omnipilot is an outstanding AI tool that assists you with all your tasks. With AI typing anywhere on macOS, you can achieve much more quickly. With a full context of your screen's contents, you can easily write emails, create fluent Bash commands, and simplify your team's updates. 

With Omnipilot, you can quickly download the MacOS app for free by visiting and entering your email. Your life will become more manageable with this incredible AI tool.

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