Omnipilot: your AI Copilot for macOS

We've built Omnipilot to be an AI assistant that is with you across all your apps on macOS. No more juggling between different tools and losing your focus. With Omnipilot, you can use AI in any text box on Mac, helping your work flow smoother and faster.

It's all about context

Omnipilot just gets what you're working on, no matter which app you're in. Drafting an email, scribbling some notes, deep into code or whipping up a killer presentation? Omnipilot will give you smart autocomplete suggestions and in-context generation that's tailored to what you're doing and even remembers what you've done so far.

More than just autocomplete

Omnipilot isn't just an autocomplete tool. It allows you to generate text backed by a memory store that really understands what you're trying to do. It can help you write amazing copy, put together insightful reports, and even make coding a breeze.

Seamlessly integrated with macOS

We've worked hard to make sure Omnipilot integrates seamlessly with macOS. You don't have to switch to a separate app or window – it's always just a quick keystroke away, right there in whatever app you're using. That means you can stay in the zone and keep your workflow going without any interruptions.

It's just the beginning

We can't wait for you to try out Omnipilot and see how it can help you work smarter, not harder. This is just the start – we've got plenty more updates and features in the works as we keep pushing the boundaries of what AI can do on the desktop. Stay tuned!